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Making Sense

After seeing an article in 110 Magazine, a young lady from KTVU, Cecilia Wong, contacted Special Haven, wanting to do story on us. Cecilia was very interested in how our multi sensory room helped children with special needs. This was truly exciting, but we weren’t sure how we could get this done. We needed someone to do the story on and with the elections in high gear, KTVU wasn’t ready to give up air time for our story. Cecilia was very determined to do the project, and after talking with her co-producer, Melanie DeAnda, they thought that doing a documentary would allow them more time to follow and develop a character. They also wanted to show the documentary at the Berkeley Film Festival. The Special Haven board loved the idea and all we needed was someone to showcase in the film. Thankfully the Munson family agreed to be the subjects in the documentary and filming began at the end of September. The eight minute documentary below is the final cut. It was shown at the Berkeley Film Festival November 30th! We hope that this video gives families a little insight into how our multi sensory room can help. Please watch the link below.

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