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MSE Training
By: Ana Chuey

Did you know that, “The average person touches 300 different surfaces every 30 minutes?”

Did you know that, “The average person with a profound disability will likely touch 1 – 5 surfaces in the same time frame?”

Sensory stimulation is a basic human need that is essential to life and survival.  We are constantly taking in sensory stimulation every second -- seeing, hearing, touching, moving, and more.  But when someone has a disability they are unable to get the sensory stimulation we all take for granted.  It is vitally important to individuals challenged with physical, or developmental disabilities to find an alternative way to get this stimulation.  The goal of a multi-sensory room is to create a manmade environment where a person with special needs can control the type and amount of stimulation they receive helping them to learn, relax, and improve their well-being.

The goal of the multi-sensory room training is to teach adults how each piece of equipment can benefit individuals with: Autism, Developmental Disabilities, Brain injury, Dementia, Post-Traumatic Stress, Palliative Care, Special Education, and Challenging behaviors.  Multi-sensory environments have been shown to increase:
Awareness, concentration, and alertness, Brain arousal (level of excitement and interest), Exploration of the environment, Focus, Choice, Mental and physical relaxation, Enjoyment, Improved Social Well Being and Quality of Life, and Social Interaction with others.

Special Haven offers training for teachers, aides, therapists, parents, grandparents, and basically anyone who is interested in using the multi-sensory room. We have already certified over 30 people on how use our room. Our training consists of two parts.  The first half of the training is an overview that describes the purpose and benefits of a multi-sensory room. The second half is a “hands-on” experience in the room and learning how to operate the equipment in the best possible way for the participants that they bring to Special Haven.  

If you’re interested in participating in this training, check out our website for our next training date. 
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