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Karate for the Special Needs Community
By: David Chuey

It is always a little scary trying to find something for your special needs kids or young adults to do in the community so we as Special Haven would like to help by featuring some different events, classes, sports, and any other activities in our community.  Today, we are going to look at a Karate program adapted for our kids out in the Brentwood area.  Twin Tigers Academy of Self Defense has been running a program for special needs children and adults for several years now.  The classes are modified a little but the students learn all the same forms, combinations, blocks, strikes, and even weapons that your typical students learn, but at a pace that is more suitable for our community.  Classes are mostly taught by Sensei Zack, but on occasion Sifu Carrillo will teach as well.

The Martial art system taught at Twin Tigers Academy is called Shaolin Kempo and encompasses a mixture of martial arts discipline. The base of our Martial Art system is Northern and Southern Hung Gar, Shaolin Kempo, and Eskrima.  Nathan, one the special needs students, really enjoys working on the Eskrima stick combos and forms and always asks to do a little work on these in every class.

If this is something that interests you and you would like to take your child in to watch a class, please come by on Wednesday night.  The special needs class is every Wednesday, from 6:30pm to 7:15pm.   They are located at 700 Harvest Park Dr. Suite M in Brentwood, CA.  You can call them at 925-513-7591.  Sifu Heber Carrillo is the owner of Twin Tigers and he is a great person in the community.  Please visit their Facebook page, or their webpage, for more information.
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