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Dinner and Dance
By: David Chuey

Having a child with special needs brings many blessings, but can also be tough.  Finding the right school, the right doctor, the right help, and the right activities can be frustrating.  When your special needs child reaches their teen years, there can be different challenges. One of the biggest headaches can be finding age appropriate social activities in a safe environment. Sometimes it takes wonderful people to get together and do something about it and that is exactly what happened.
Adriana Smith has been putting on dances with the help of other parents for several years. This year she wanted to make the event a dinner dance and give all proceeds to benefit Special Haven, as her daughter Gigi is a regular visitor to the Special Haven multi-sensory room. She is joining forces with Leslie Marks, Kathy Mosely, Mark and Pam Williams, Jude Byrne, Ellie Tunnel, and Christine Schwab who are all special parents in the community.  The dinner and dance event is for children 12 years an older with special needs.  They will all enjoy a spaghetti dinner, and a night of dancing, music will be provided by DJ Marcade, a popular local DJ who is volunteering his time and treating everyone to an awesome lightshow, set to music.  Parents and carers are welcome to stay and join in the fun (they will need to buy their own ticket) but the event is really for the young people to get out, have a great time and socialize with their peers as all young adults love to do.  This will be a fun social event and every penny raised will benefit Special Haven.

This year’s Dinner and Dance event is on Friday, March 21st, from 6pm to 10pm.  Tickets are only $6 each and the event is being held at Liberty High School in Brentwood.  If you are interested in having your child at this event, please contact Jude Byrne at or call her at 925-522-8921. Space is limited.
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